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छात्र - क्रिएटिव कॉर्नर          
Article - Guru : The Eternal Guilde to God
If confronted with both Guru and god at the same time, before whose feet will we first bow? Poet Kabirdas aptly put this dlemma inverse and declares that he would first bow before his Guru, as the Guru had shown the way to the God. The sanskrit word \'Guru\' is unique and has no parallel in any other language. It neither means teacher nor master but means the \'remover of darkness\'. The word God can be deduced as generator, Operator and Destroyer. It is important to remember that a Guru need n ot always be in a human form. The famous Datratreya was known to have 24 Gurus. They included the air, water, clouds and other such natural objects. Even the renowed archer, Eklavya practised archery under the guidance of a stone figure of Dronacharya. Essentially, a Guru is the definite form of the indefinite God. God works through a guru. Introduction to divine knowledge, sustenance of disciple\'s mind on truth and removal of veil of suffering, are the eternal services provided by a Guru. How does one find a Guru? Convention has it that when a student is ready, the Guru arrives. He finds you and put on the track. India is famous for its lineage of gurus that is known as the guru. Parampara.
This lineage is a beautiful tradition wherein the disciple is best owed with pure knowledge that had been flowing from the first Guru onwords to the present one. Every human being has within himself the element of potential divine knowledge or the Guru Tatva. This is the little voice that guides you in moments of confusing. If God is your destination, then let Guru be your guiding path. But, remember to see the God in the Guru.
Aayshi Srivastava XII D (1st Shift)
Article - Why is the Number \'13\' Considered Unlucky?

The general feeling that the number \'13\' is unlucky is just a superstition. This number is considered unlucky in almost all the countries of the world. Many hotels do not have a 13th floor - the count goes from 12 to 14.
In some hospitals there is no bed bearing this number. According to the religious views, the superstition about 13 is tracked back to the \'last supper\'-when Christ dined with his 12 disciples and which proved to be his last meal. Since then this number came to be considered unlucky. Some people go back to the story of the volhalla banquet, in Greek mythology, to which twelve Gods were invited. Loki, the spirit of strife and mischief, intruded, bringing the number to thirteen.
As a result, Belder, the favourite of the gods, was killed. Since then 13 is considered unlucky. Whatever may be the reasons considering 13 as an unlucky number, has no scientific basis. No number is lucky or unlucky. They are simple numbers, used in mathematical calculations.
Naveen Yadav VIII - F (II - Shift)

From the past we emerge, In the present we grow And look into the future near A lot we hear, a lot we speak But to do anything we always fear, For we like to live in dreams And in miracles we believe. To face the reality, we have no courage To confront the difficulties, our hearts grieve. We want to live in happiness And success we want to achieve But what a step can do in toiling A mountain. We just never believe We cannot shun our laziness. We cannot leave our habits But any reality mocks at us, We always run like rabbits A stick in time saves nine A step today will show the shine So do today according to your might to hold upon whatever you find And strive today, as it will be like playing Knowledge, peace or a heap of sums. For it is the good old saying. That tomorrow never comes, Never Comes A joy that is shared is a joy made double.
Aayushi Srivastava XII - D (I - Shift)

Drawing Created By Damini Verma VIII E , 2nd Shift

Drawing Created by Jagrati Bhardwaj VIII D

Drawing Created By Shweta Singh VIII E

Drawing Created By Prakhar Sharma IX A


Oh! My teacher
You are my future

Increase my knowledge
Day by Day

You are so nice
One more quality of wise

You have many taste
Without you I am waste

In your view study is first
That is why I think that Teacher is must

You have many God features
You are such a good god made creatures

Meenakshi Vihan
X - E (II - Shift)


Every child has a hope
How our exams are stop
In nervousness of exam hall
Childrens are criminals teachers are cop.

When results come they chew their nails
Please save me God to get fail
the intelligent students thought
What would happen if I am just pass.

Failure students thinks that
\"I see a market with Points for sale\"
Parents ask them for study,
but they are interested in fairy tales.

but, by doing less use of brain
they study very-very less
then they forget that
Study is the path for success.

Swarnima Panwar
VIII - E (II - Shift)

Veritable time - bomb

The world is sitting
On a veritable time-bomb
And is preparing culture is its tomb
Whose explosion can match
The Original Big Bang
The basic aim is unachieved
The alarm-bell are ringing
The people are chasing to
Which they are not knowing
Poverty and illiteracy is seen everywhere
What kind of motions. The leaders are going to rear.

XII - E (II - Shift)

My World...

I am a simple girl
Who wants to shine like a pearl
I want to remove the talk of money
I want all people to speak like honey
I want people to walk in the sky
And I see them reaching very high
I want everyone should be treated equal
No difference of caste, create and religion
This is the world of my thoughts
It is pretty as I describe it
So now, I am going to apply it

Anshika Pal
XII - E (II - Shift)